Hit The Trail: Waterfall Wandering and Gulf Shore Strolls

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Exploring Louisiana by foot is a great way to see the exciting and diverse landscape this southern state has to offer. From beachcombing to waterfall-filled forests, you’ll have plenty to keep your legs moving and your eyes entertained. We’ve picked five of our favorite hikes throughout the state to get your adventures started.

Clark’s Creek
Located just an hour from Baton Rouge, you’ll find lush terrain in Clark Creek Natural Area. With beginner to intermediate hikes, each will give you the opportunity to pass through moss-covered ravines and will have you gazing at brilliant waterfalls. When the falls are flowing at a substantial rate, pools form at the bottom, giving you a chance to take a dip if you so desire. Our recommended route would be the primitive loop trail, which covers 4.7 miles of less crowded landscapes.

Caroline Dormine Trail
Some call the Kisatchie Hills the most beautiful area in the state. Covered in rolling hills, running creeks, and thick forest, this area will bring a smile to an avid hiker’s face. The trail extends 10.5 miles, branching in and out on the same trail, and gives you access to the Kisatchie Bayou Campground if you’re looking for a place to sleep under the stars. Other activities in the area include biking and horseback riding for more options to tour the hills.

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Couturie Forest
Although hitting the trail might be on your list, not everyone has time to get out of the city on a two-day weekend. Enter Couturie Forest, located in the heart of New Orleans! This 60-acre wildlife wonderland is the perfect city escape when you’re on limited time. You’ll get a feel for what types of ecosystems Louisiana has to offer while hitting the highest point in the city 43 feet above sea level! If you’re looking to get away from the buzz for a bit, this park is a welcome treat while visiting NOLA.

Sabine Wetland Walkway
Not as much of a hiking trail as it is a scenic walkway, the Sabine Wetland Walkway gives handicap visitors the chance to get off the beaten trail. Sitting atop a freshwater marsh you’ll see multiple species of birds and the exciting possibility of spotting a gator or two! If you’re looking for a good place to watch the sunset, this could be the perfect location to pull off the road!

Grand Isle
This sleepy town of 1,500 residents is home to some of the most peaceful beaches in Louisiana. If you’re looking for a little exercise while you’re relaxing gulfside, try your hand at beach combing to see what you come across. The tides bring in shells and driftwood and the sand beneath your feet is sure to put you at ease. If you want to take full advantage of the area, pitch your tent for the night at one of the beachside campgrounds.

When you’re planning a trip to Louisiana and looking to plant your feet on the beautiful Louisiana landscapes, you’ve got your pick from sunsets on the beach to hillside forests.

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