Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking in Kentucky

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We’re Louisville-bound on the Ales & Trails Tour with Merrell, and we’re thrilled to partner with the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association for an on-site clinic at Seneca Park on October 1.

One of Kentucky’s greatest draws for outdoor enthusiasts is its diverse landscape, which provides mountain bikers of all levels an incredible playground, especially an approachable environment for newcomers. We rounded up five tips for mountain biking beginners in the Bluegrass State:

    1. Know before you go: First, you’ll want to cover the International Mountain Bicycling Association’s Rules of the Trail before strapping on your helmet. IMBA helps you avoid looking like a beginner by providing all of the essentials of trail conditions, bicycle control, yielding, equipment, and trail closures.
    2. Gear up: Your local bike shop is your best friend. Consult with them on proper sizing and suspension before walking out with a rental. And we don’t need to remind you to wear a helmet.  
    3. Go green: Allow yourself to get a feel for both the bike and terrain by following the beginner trails, despite what your adventurous self may convince you. Singletracks highlights eight beginner routes, including Capital View in Frankfort, Veterans Park in Lexington, and the Greenway Trail in Paducah.
    4. Cruise with community: Connect with KyMBA to get updates on group rides, including a Tuesday all-women ride and Wednesday lunchtime ride. Join their email list and browse their event calendar to build your mountain biking community.
    5. Give back: Trail building and maintenance takes a village, and you’re likely to appreciate the amenities much better after a morning working on trails with KyMBA. Join their monthly “Trail Work Party” to contribute to one of the state’s greatest outdoor offerings.


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