Mastered the Community 5K? Here are 3 Reasons Why it’s Time for Triathlons

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This post comes to us courtesy of Gociety Pathfinder Steve Ference who has two sprint triathlons and two marathons under his belt. He currently has his sights set on his first Olympic distance triathlon in 2017.

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There’s certainly nothing wrong with your friendly neighborhood 5K, but after you’ve done so many road races you might be ready for a bigger thrill. A triathlon is for you.

1. It’s a fun sport that growing fast.
You’ve probably heard of the Ironman. It’s the sport’s most famous set of races, and the World Championships are televised every year from Hawaii. This amazing event is a great showcase of what makes triathlon a great sport, but the grueling distances and effort also intimidate casual sports fans.


An Ironman event is one of the only times in the world of sports that professionals compete alongside amateurs. That’s just one part of what makes the triathlon community so special. Out on that course, you’re all in it together.

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To finish an Ironman, one must truly be a beast. They are the top level of the sport and require a serious level of training. Maybe you’ve seen the red logo proudly stuck on cars or tattooed on muscular legs. It’s no joke. But there are many other shorter, less intimidating triathlons.

2. There is a triathlon for everyone.
For your first triathlon, choose a Sprint Distance Triathlon. These typically include a .5 mile swim, 10 mile bike course, and 3 mile run. For the person who has mastered the occasional 5K, these distances are the perfect challenge.


There are all kinds of variations on the Sprint Distance theme. Off-road triathlons feature trails, most offer a team/relay option, and distances vary depending on the event. Some offer swim portion in a pool, river, or state park lake. Friendly, exciting people participate in triathlons, and a well-done event has all the fun and cheering of a typical 5K or 10K event.

3. Your mind and body will feel inspired.
Our bodies are amazing machines, but they feel tired if they just do one repetitive action. Every sport requires certain skills and movements, but if you only do one sport what happens to those other muscles and skills that have yet to be realized?

As you move from the water and onto the bike during your first combo training session, you’ll probably wonder if you’ve finally lost it. You body will rebel at first. But your mind and muscles will eventually thank you for challenging them in new ways.

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The sport of triathlon shouldn’t be intimidating. It’s just as fun and friendly as 5K and 10K road runs, and, if you train wisely, doesn’t require any extra time commitment. It may push you out of your comfort zone, but the feeling of accomplishment is well worth it.