Trip Report: Crossing off the “Must Do” Mt. Pilchuck

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This trip report comes to us from Gociety member Isabel Milo who originally filed this Trip Report on Gociety. You can read the whole post here and then go and submit a Trip Report of your own.

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Isabel Milo – Seattle, WA
Gociety Member since: Feb. ‘15


LOCATION: Mount Pilchuck State Park, Granite Falls, WA
SPORT: Hiking



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“This is definitely a MUST do hike in Washington for it offers something complete different from the other hikes out there! I did wish there was a lake at the end of our hike since it was too hot yesterday but hey that calls for another hike excursion, right?!”

“I wouldn’t call this hike easy! You start off on 3,000 elevation and within 2 miles you’ve already ascent 2,3000!  I could totally see why this is such a popular hike and it’s due to its grand panoramic views and historic restored fire lookout.”

“You will continue on, winding around the peak until you eventually reach the top of the mountain and its sublime restored fire lookout.  Originally constructed in 1921 (almost ten years after the first trail on the mountain was established), the fire lookout now stands today as a proud landmark for the area.”

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