Trip Report: Flagpoint Fire Lookout (aka The Night I Almost Froze to Death)


This trip report comes to us from Gociety member Amoris Walker who originally filed this Trip Report on Gociety. You can read the whole post here and then go and submit a Trip Report of your own.

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Amoris Walker – Seattle, WA
Gociety Member since: Dec. ‘14
When she’s not working, you can find Amoris: on a mountain, in a kayak, canoodling puppies, drinking wine, or taking photos and shooting videos.


SPORT: Winter Camping

“Once upon a time, my boyfriend booked a fire lookout in Oregon. He wanted me to go for 4 nights and stay in the lookout (60 feet up in a 14’x14′ room with a 360 degree view!).”


“It was around this point when the snowmobile started to show signs of giving up. It was sputtering dark smoke and using way too much gas. And it was getting dark…fast.”

“We were back on track in about 30 minutes and reached the lookout around 9:30pm. So… nine hours to get 11 miles. We may as well have snowshoed up!”

“The rest of the trip proved to be one of the best I’ve ever had in the snow. The lookout swayed and creaked in the storms, and the morning sunrises over central Oregon were spellbinding.”