New Year’s Resolutions for Dirtbags

Break on our way to the Snowmass Lake

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Originally written by Jessie Hoyng

2016 is here! The start of a new year offers an opportune time to improve bad habits, try new things and do more of what we love. We’re all for healthier eating and fewer Netflix binges, but we have a few different resolutions for our fellow dirtbags out there:

1. Get organized.

Let’s be real, maintaining our organizational systems – and our gear – can be rough. Sometimes packs don’t get entirely unpacked after trips, or tents get muddy and are never properly cleaned, or climbing racks, where were once so well organized, end up in a pile on the closet floor. The start of the new year is the perfect time to go through all that gear and a) get rid of gear you no longer want or need and b) clean and organized the things you’d like to keep around.

2. Go somewhere new. 

Visit a new state, city or park this year. Try to focus on visiting a new place, whether on the other side of the country or 30 minutes down the road, each month, and spend some time exploring.

3. Try a new outdoor activity. 

Always wanted to try skiing? Cliff jumping? Snowshoeing? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something different from what you’ve done in the past. You may end up finding you new favorite outdoor activity!

4. Explore your own city like a tourist. 

Sometimes we take for granted the ares in which we live, and chances are, your town has a lot of great parks, restaurants, museums and other attractions that, as a local, you have not actually visited. Take a day – or a weekend – to explore some of the tourism your city has to offer. You’ll see you home in a new light and probably discover some cool new places in the process.

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5. Learn more about other cultures’ traditions. 

Whether or not you’re planning an international adventure this year, learning about other cultures is a great way to expand your knowledge of the world and open your mind to other ways of life. Have a dream trip that involved international travel? Take a little time this year to learn about the culture, language and customs of the area so you’ll be prepared when you make it there.

6. Have more weekend trips. 

Even if you have a busy work or personal schedule, try to make one or two weekend trips each month. Leave after work on a Friday and come back Sunday evening in time to get back to the office Monday morning. Think about it this way – if you go on some sort of trip every other weekend, you can have 26 trips under your belt by 2017… without taking a single day off work!

7. Have occasional weekday adventures. 

Monday-Friday is not just for working! Rock your 5 to 9 by going sledding with your friends in the evening, or hiking to watch the sunrise before work.

8. Travel vicariously when you can’t in real life. 

Sometimes schedules get busy and you’re stuck around home for awhile or your budget (or more accurately, lack thereof) prevents travel; exploring vicariously through other adventures is a fun way to satiate your wanderlust a little bit until you can get back out there yourself. There are many ways to do this: you can read travel books, follow explorers on social media and stream adventure films online.

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9. Learn a new skill. 

Have you always wanted to learn how to belay? Sail? Fly fish? Build a snow cave? Fire up some kick-ass campfire burritos? Whatever you want to learn, give it a shot this year by signing up for a class or learning about it from a friend who knows their stuff. (Hint, Gociety is a great place to meet people who really know their shit when it comes to outdoorsy skill sets…)

10. Meet awesome new adventure buddies!

Gociety have members all around the world, so there are people everywhere who want to get outside and have adventures, just like you. Join Gociety, connect with others near you and start your 2016 adventures today!