Two Gociety Members Travel the World for 500 Days

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Lindsey and Adam Nubern have been Gociety members since mid-2014. For most of the time since then, they’ve been traveling the world. Here’s their story, excerpted from their blog post on Gear Junkie.

We dreamed of traveling the world for years. This was something deep in our cores that we just had to do. The day after we got home from our honeymoon, we got serious, sat down and created a strategy to start saving for this “I’m not sure how long” adventure.

Some nights I couldn’t sleep, scared of the unknowns out in the world. But I was even more terrified of feeling regret if we never made it happen.


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Head over to Gear Junkie to read the whole story: This Couple Traveled The World For 500 Days; Here’s How