Welcoming Arc’teryx to the Neighborhood!

We partnered up with Arc’teryx to bring some great resources and fun to the Front Range outdoor community during their grand opening and it was a blast!  There were urban campouts, all sorts of games, giveaways and plenty of fun with friends old and new. It was our goal to prove that you don’t need to go to the mountains to have an adventure, so as part of the many other things happening in Cherry Creek that weekend around the opening, we put together an Urban Adventure Race.

In addition to collaborating with the Arc’teryx Denver team, we brought in a few of our locals friends and partners to host and help with each of the various adventure challenges placed strategically throughout the city. Thanks to Confluence Kayaks, Explore Fitness, Turin Bicycles and Carabiner Coffee for their help and support!

All racers started and ended at the new Arc’teryx Store in Denver.  This location served as the Arc’teryx|Gociety Basecamp for the day.  From there, teams raced throughout the city completing challenges ranging from speed-backcountry coffee making, to SUP, to a mountain fitness obstacle course and a photo scavenger hunt that produced some hilarious images.

Check out a few select shots from last weekend’s race below.  If you’re still hungry for more imagery check out the entire album here. If you dig videos, don’t forget to check out Victoria Caffrey’s recap of the store opening weekend here.

We had a whole lot of fun working with Arc’teryx to bring you this event, and based on all the smiles out there, it’s likely you will see another race in the future!


Thanks to our friends at Carabiner Coffee and Rooster & Moon Coffee pub, we were able to challenge our racers to make the fastest cup of backcountry joe!


For the final challenge, racers were instructed to complete a “rodeo clip” – as the photo indicates, various strategies were applied!


Team Captains lined up at the start line.


Thanks to Turin Bikes for helping us host this challenge: Pick one member of your team and change a bike tire as fast as possible!


Confluence Kayaks hosted this challenge – Inflate a portable SUP, take it across the river then tube the rapids before moving on to the next challenge.


Racers getting through their first checkpoint of the day.

The Gociety App is here! 


  • CharlieSeattle

    No Potato sack race?

    • Jason Antin

      We are saving that for our next event @CharlieSeattle:disqus!