My Gociety Love Ballad

samOh great, another blog about being happy in your career choice…

What’s that quote? Something about doing what you like is freedom, loving what you do is happiness? Guess I’m pretty damn happy these days. Just over a year ago I was trolling away on Facebook when I finally clicked through on an orange ad advertising ‘adventure! fun! friends!’ I had seen the ad a handful of times that, unknowingly, would change my life.  

Cheesy, I know, bear with me.

Gociety arrived at a time in my life where I was kind of ‘stuck’. We’ve all been there: unsatisfactory desk job, no deep connections or relationships, waning friendships, unmotivated, you know the scene.


I had always admired those who could just do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted; so, I threw caution to the wind and told myself I could do it, too, and joined my first Gociety running group hosted by Meghan. After all, I’ve run at Red Rocks before, right? Well, turns out that morning’s workout would induce some serious ants-in-my-pants adventure vibes. (Thanks, Meg-o.)

Meghan and I became fast friends and before I knew it, I was embarrassing myself in a video interview for a part-time ambassadorship where my dog – literally – pooped in the background during recording. I’d like to think that’s really what got me the job, not my adventurous spirit or credentials.


Fast-forward six months and I was taking on some more ‘senior’ roles with the company and trying to earn my keep. Come Christmas of that year, I was boarding a flight to visit my Mom and received an unofficially official job offer from Alex. I spent my vacation anxious, excited and making myself sick over the idea of quitting my ‘safe’ job and jumping into a job that was completely new. And honestly — it was scary. Passion was my driver then (and now!) and knew that I believed in this company, the team and their vision, regardless of how secure the future was or was not.

I guess we’ve all heard and read it before, but taking that leap of faith last year was by far the greatest choice I’ve made to date. Not only in my career decisions, but in life, as well. The friends that I have made through the Gociety community are the kind of people you bring home to Mom.  You’re proud of them, you’re inspired by them, you’re challenged and pushed by them. I have experienced countless new activities and adventures through them and Gociety is to blame. I’ve run a trail ultra-marathon, I’ve bagged more peaks than I can count, I’ve learned camping techniques that I thought were only in movies. I’ve been injured, healed, injured again. Learned that you can actually ski UP a mountain, and even better, that pizza and beer are often waiting for you at the summit.


Thanks, Gociety. You’ve kept this Colorado girl on her toes and showed her the true meaning of living an exploratory and adventurous lifestyle.

The Gociety App is here!