The Mountain Gathering

Bluegrassin' at the Bivvi

 “A hostel in Breckenridge?”.. ” I heard there is going to be Bluegrass” …”Uhh I can’t decide if I want to climb or bike tomorrow morning”.

The Mountain Gathering brought together outdoor adventurers from across Colorado, and even one from Virginia, to celebrate life in the outdoors. As The Bivvi Hostel met capacity, steaming water spilled from the hotub and new friends shared stories from a day amongst the glowing Aspens of Breckenridge, Colorado. It seemed that everyone was in the right place at the right time.

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Yoga to shake out the Yawns.

Saturday Morning started for some as early as 4AM in order catch the sun rising against Quandary Peak. Others opted in for a downward dog and a cup of coffee at The bivvi before heading off into the hills to pull on some rock or pump some track with a few professional mountain bikers. The Gociety crowd has continued to prove the importance of living by one simple life motto – it’s better to earn your beer; and earn it they did.

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Dipping into the fog.

As the afternoon settled, smiling participants of the day’s activities began to trickle in; a twisted ankle here and a bit of mud splatter there—life was good. Bluegrass was on the horizon as The Wandering Natives made the common space their stage and the energy started to build throughout The Bivvi. Our friends from Guerrilla Gravity shared some advice on mountain bike maintenance, which paired nicely with everyone’s first Upslope of the night.

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Three ways up. The Gociety crew is sending it.

As if adding fuel to the fire, the first strum of the banjo ignited the room, and the entire place would shake for the next few hours. To the left, a cheers from a new friend, from the right, a wink from that girl you met on the trail, front and center, swing dancers straight from the hot tub—that’s how you party in the mountains. As the lights swirled together and the night drew on it went without saying that everyone felt the sense of community brought on by each person in attendance. The mountains had once again enabled adventure and brought people together who consider the outdoors their playground.

Gociety, The mountain gathering, bluegrass, party,  the bivvi, breckenridge
Boot stompin’ Bluegrass at The Bivvi

If you missed The Mountain Gathering we hope to see you mixing it up with the Gociety Community soon.

Here are a few more shots and thoughts from the weekend.

The bivvi, Gociety, Breckenridge, party, adventure, friends
New friends. New Adventures.

“As a newbie to Gociety, I was overwhelmed by the encouragement from the group while climbing to the summit of Quandary Peak. Later that night I caught myself in the middle of an impromptu swing dancing session, capping off the best weekend I have had since moving to Colorado.” – Breana Rogers

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Lid on the hot tub? Time to change that.

 “Music, dancing, hot tubs, bonfires, and random new friends. I would do it every weekend. The event was amazing and The Bivvi set the scene perfectly. Glad there was morning yoga after a night like that.”  -Katie Lynn

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A day well spent at Haus Rock.

“What struck me the most about The Mountain Gathering was not that I ended up wearing nothing but my underwear and a bota bag of fireball, or that I was swing dancing in front of a large crowd in said attire but that every person I talked to, every conversation that was started, revolved around the days adventures, and around DOING.” – Joe Howdyshell 

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Bagging Quandary at Sunrise. What did you do today?


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