The Two Raddest People You Haven’t Met. Yet.

A born-and-bred east coaster, I never had time for long drawn out ballads about life on the farm, sittn’ by the river, or driving an old truck into the sunset. It seemed nice, but I was too uptight. Life was going! I had to keep up. That all changed on my first long road trip.

Country music didn’t make any sense until I drove across America.

Now, if you’ve never done so, spending a few weeks behind the wheel has a way of slowing down your mind. You begin to notice more. It’s just you and the long open road, and you can’t help but reminisce about ‘Merica, the people, the culture, the cows and the cornfields. You feel connected to the landscape and the history of generations that came before you. And then Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” comes on the radio and you’re like: oh, I get country music now.

So it goes with Adam & Lindseyan awesome young couple out of Colorado that are spending the next four months driving around the U.S. in search of whatever comes their way. Adventurers at heart, they want to experience and explore each place they visit, and share those adventures with everyone they can.

But more importantly, they need your help! Adam & Lindsey have asked the Gociety community to help connect them with awesome people in small towns throughout the country. They’ll be posting up their bucket list items on Gociety (from lobster trapping to SUP’ing) as a way to find people to adventure with, to ask advice of locals, or to get recommendations on places they should explore. They might even want to borrow your old Garth Brooks album.

Dream Team: Adam & Lindsey
Introducing the gociety road trippers: Adam & Lindsey

Want to share an adventure with Adam & Lindsey? First, get to know a little bit more about this awesome duo:

[gociety] – So, who the heck are you guys, and how awesome are you?

[Adam] – I was reared in South Georgia where we all ran to the lunchroom for fried chicken Wednesdays. I’ve sold books door-to-door, circumnavigated the world on a ship and biked across America.  Lindsey is a transplanted Southern Belle – she is the mastermind of dance parties, cornhole battles and mountain adventures.

[gociety] – What’s the goal of your road trip?

[Adam & Lindsey] – We’re taking this career break opportunity to see the World in the World’s eyes. From Twain’s encouragement, we want to throw off the stereotypes and generalizations that easily entangle us and approach every location and situation with an open heart and earnest mind to grow as individuals and as a team. We hope to encourage everyone to set out and pursue their dream of change.

Adam & Lindsey

[gociety] – Where ya headed, and what do you want to do when you get there?

[Adam & Lindsey]  –  We’ve learned that the most rewarding experiences are shaped by the individuals you encounter along the way. July we will be in the southern Maine area. August we will be driving down to Georgia and back across to Colorado.  September we will be in the Wyoming, Montana and Banff area. In October, Atlanta will be a base for Southern Appalachian adventures.

[gociety] – Country music?

[Adam & Lindsey] – You kiddin’ me? Statesboro, GA is cotton and peanuts. Our dances at the Honey Bowen Building hinged on Low Places by Garth Brooks. Weekend mud boggin in Screven County was a staple, and I was a salesman of Turpentine at the Portal Turpentine Festival. So, yea, I dig some country music. Lindsey is finally saying “y’all” even after transplanting from the Midwest at an early age. When we get delirious from so much windshield time we start talking in Eastern Kentucky accents.

[gociety] – How can the Gociety community at large benefit from your trip, or help you achieve your goals?

[Adam & Lindsey] – We’ve all had that opportunity to be the tour guide when a friend comes to town or to share your knowledge when an acquaintance is going somewhere you’ve been. It usually goes something like “Ah! You have to go to Reds Eats and get the Lobster Rolls or your trip will be incomplete.” It’s our nature as humans to want to contribute and be a part of an event. I’m hoping the gociety community will steer us to the adventures that we must have in the areas we will be. I would love to kayak a river that used to be your old stomping grounds and drink a brew from your local brewer.

Follow (or join!) Adam & Lindsey‘s journey on Gociety, their personal blog, or by checking back to the gociety blog for updates from the road.