5 New Features on Gociety

Here’s a Look at 5 New Gociety Features

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Everybody likes a good high five. Go ahead, spread the love.

1. The High Five

We already know it’s the best thing to hit your hand since time began, but now you can high five people on Gociety to let the world know they rock! It’s a way of building an extra layer of trust in our community – if you enjoyed adventuring with the people in your last group, give ’em a high five as a way of saying thanks. It’s kinda like a bro hug, minus the awkward silence.

gociety, features, design, adventure, upvoting
Many of you have already put this to good use. Upvote it!

2. Upvoting for Gociety Groups and Rundowns

The concept is dead simple: you think someone has a good idea? Upvote it! This is a great way to be encouraging even if you can’t attend the group.

gociety, features, design, adventure, messaging
Private messaging is the top most requested feature. Don’t be shy!

3. Private Messaging is in the House

You’ve probably noticed, but you now have an inbox and can message the day away.

gociety, features, design, adventure
We’ve been taking full advantage of this!

4. Like & Comment on Rundown Photos

There are some wicked sweet rundowns on the site and now you can ask questions, comment or give their photos a like.

gociety, features, design, adventure, preview
Line up your images and preview your description.

5. Preview a Group Before You Post It.

Pretty self-explanatory, but it’s a feature we think will be handy!

As always, we love to hear your feedback and hope you enjoy the new features.