The Birth of a Brand

  • Bradley Surratt

    Thanks for sharing the Gociety brand development process with us! As a
    fellow designer and Adobe Suite tinker-around-er I am well acquainted
    with the daunting task of logo development. Props for your hard work, it
    turned out beautifully! I’m still interested in seeing this “Monkey
    with Sparkly Eyes” that you speak of… it’s a shame it didn’t make the
    final cut 😉

    -Brad Surratt
    P.S. it was great getting to know you and the rest of the team last night at the meeting! Hope to see you all around more often (hint, hint).

    • stellarjae


    • stellarjae

      Hey Brad,

      Great to meet you last night as well, thanks for stopping by! Also glad to share the process. Perhaps sparkle chimp will make it on the next email haha