3 Things I Learned Mountain Biking at Night

All smiles from the Gociety crew atop Green Mountain.

It’s the last weekend before daylight savings time, and Gociety members have been getting after some starlit mountain biking missions at Green Mountain. Last week the crew rallied for an 8 mile evening ride. For many of us, it was our first time riding at night, and a lot of lessons were learned.

Gociety Green Mountain Colorado Mountain Biking at Night

1. Breaking your chain at night is just as awful as breaking it during the day
SRAM powerlinks to the rescue! This is one of those times you’ll be thankful you read the instructions before you left the house.

SRAM power links, night, broken chain
Busted chain.
Gociety Green Mountain Biking
Cold, cold hands.

2. It’s really easy to get lost
Although I had ridden this trail dozens of times over the last five years, I somehow took a wrong turn and led the crew up a relentless climb, instead of the fun, moderate climb I had intended.

wrong, turn, map, gociety, strava
Intended route in blue, actual route in red.
Night MTB Colorado
Although no one knew it at the time, this was the absolute wrong trail.

3. Helmet lights > Bar mounted lights
If you only have one light source, it’s better on your helmet than your handlebars. There is an odd, breathtaking fear that sweeps over you when your lights are pointed in one direction, and your eyes are looking in another. When I approached a high speed switchback, my bar-mounted lights were pointing dutifully straight ahead, but my head and eyes were looking left into the dark abyss. Brakes applied. Lesson learned.

Green mountain, colorado, mountain biking, gociety, night
Lights shining bright…but only in one direction.
Green Mountain Colorado Mountain Biking at Night
All smiles from the Gociety crew atop Green Mountain.

Overall, night riding is an absolute blast, and can make old trails feel fresh again. It’s a new challenge and one of the most fun micro adventures you can treat yourself to on a mid-week, mid-winter night!



  • John Cameron

    What a great ride! I’d love to go again if anyone’s interested.