The Sound of Less Awkward – A Gociety Carpool Playlist

We’ve all been there—the awkward carpooling moment. So many things can happen on the way to the slopes. You find out one hour into a five hour drive that you’d rather risk your luck petting a squirrel with a massive skin infection than talk to the person next to you. Or perhaps you discovered that you both love the shit out of Elton John. Stranger things have happened. Whatever the occasion, we understand. Not only that, but we’ve been there.


Fortunately for us Gocieteers, we don’t let up so easy. If you need to shake a clammy, limp hand to carpool to a day of bluebird skiing, do it. In the end, we all have a common need to be in the mountains having fun, so get after it. Besides our words of warm encouragement, we can offer you a playlist that will get you through the awkward forest and to grandmother’s house. Elton John aside, we think there is something for (almost) everyone, so keep an open mind and enjoy the ride.

♫ The Sound of Less Awkward ♫

  • coderjun

    What, no metal?